origin of Notty Pea


If you have come to “notty pea” interested in “naughty pee” you will be very disappointed to find that this is actually a blog about how I am “not type a.”  No self-respecting Type A would ever have a blog that could be mistaken as a haven for naughty pee-ers.

Typically, Type A personalities are high achieving, perfectionistic, and well, they just get shit done.  In contrast, Type B personalities are laid back, have a hard time keeping to time schedules, and are likely to drop their deodorant in the toilet and NOT launch into a massive cursing fit.  I think I can speak for all Type B’s when I say “meh.”

I have absolutely nothing against Type A’s.  I have always wanted to be one.  Knowing that I’m not a Type A doesn’t seem to keep me from fighting against my Type B-ness.

The result?  Type A aspirations and Type B execution – almost always with disastrous results.  Like when I signed up for a marathon, trained for the post-race beer, and ran the half marathon so painfully that I barely walk-limped over the finish line in my no-not-embarassing-at-all marathon bib.

This blog exists to document my many failings and it’s very likely it will make you feel better about yourself.  Especially if you are a parent.  Or an athlete.  Or if you’ve always paid bills on time and never had to explain to someone why you don’t have power.

2 responses to “origin of Notty Pea

  1. I’ve always considered myself to be Type A…but then I read this, and I think that “Type A aspirations and Type B execution” applies to me pretty well on a not-so-infrequent basis. Hm… 🙂

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