the triple bypass ride


Of course I signed up for a one-day bike ride that covers 120 miles with 10,000 ft elevation gain.  Because I really enjoyed that one 45 mile ride last summer.  You know, the summer I started biking?  Yes, this all makes perfect sense.

I also have a proven record of not sticking to a training routine.  This sufferfest will be AWESOME.  I’ll be so prepared.  I won’t die.  Nope.  Not even a little.

The Triple Bypass ride has 3 summits between Evergreen and Avon.  Read more about my ill-advised, not-for-a-novice ride:

In a frantic moment I hired a bike coach to create a plan for me.  I’m a little off track already but the training so far hasn’t been that bad.  For those interested, I’ll post the training plan – which is essentially a couch to triple bypass framework – and I’ll give updates with my progress as I go.

I SO need a hug and reassuring pat on the back.

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