big wooden foot jewelry

Don’t hate me, but Kevin gave me the BEST Valentine’s Day present and I’m pretty sure this leaves nothing cool for you.  Sorry you got stuck with diamonds, roses and chocolate. Total bummer.

I was supposed to be trying out my new skate skis with a friend up at Devil’s Thumb near Winter Park this past Monday.  I have skate skied 2 times. The friend is super-athletic and runs, bikes and skis around 12 times a day.  I was scared and planning a collapse into a snow bank that would require recovering with hot cocoa.  But, before you judge – I didn’t back out in fear – I actually (gasp!) parented.  I had to cancel to take Emma to the pediatrician.

At the doctor’s office I found out: 1) Emma has strep, 2) I hadn’t brought her in for a well visit since 2011, 3)  it is very likely that they have a “crappy parent” indicator on our kids’ records. Oh, and then 4) Emma randomly announced that her bathroom at home was out of toilet paper right before 5) Rachel shouted that she didn’t poop in her pants. I bring the awesome everywhere I go.

So, full contact parenting counts as a workout, right?  Although, it does not involve awkwardly moving like you are trying to ice skate on skis.  Skate skiing requires balance and strength that I don’t have.  But, my parenting muscles are pretty strong; I can parent my ass off.

Now I have some very cool gear AND we have antibiotics.  All is well.

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