we hotboxed my skis

The nordic center recommended hot boxing my skate skis. Proposition 64 has run amok here! – Kevin

You don’t think this is hilarious?  I’ll explain. If you still don’t think it’s funny, we can find a spot on the wall to look at so we don’t have to stare awkwardly at each other. Blinking.

In popular culture, hotboxing is a term that refers to weed-smoke-filled cars, windows up tight, in parking lots. It could be a church at night, but location is highly variable, and giggling and/or snacks may be involved. Or so I’ve heard. When you open up a window or door, you see smoke just POUR out. Or, so I’d imagine.

To the guy at the nordic ski store, this is not what it means. It’s a process of waxing your skis by placing them in a hot box. Supposedly, it’s like 25 hand-applied wax jobs. Wax jobs that I’d be very unlikely to do.  Sadly, there was no talk of Brazilian waxes to make things really interesting…

Proposition 64 was recently passed in Colorado – it calls for taxing/regulating the sale (and decriminalizing the use) of marijuana in the privacy of your home. I expect the universities will see a huge increase in college applications.

And that is why it is funny. Who says explaining a joke takes all the fun out of it?  Hey, is anyone still here?  Is this thing on?  Testing. Testing.

Kevin and I took the new skis in the car, sans smoke, to Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Winter Park.  It’s a beautifully peaceful open space (flat!) surrounded by mountains and happy-looking horses. It was the first time using my new skis, boots, and poles and the lesson was very helpful.  “Commit”, “Lift your toes, not your heels” and “bring your hands in and frame the ski” gave me a better idea of what to do.  But, wow, before you become efficient it is a LOT of work.   I burned 800 calories in 1.5 hours.

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