crafty like ice is cold

The upcoming office remodel is just the latest in the slew of improvements since buying our almost-dream house in 2011.  I thought I’d rehash some of our other projects – starting with the craftroom.

I only feel a little PTSD thinking about the before and after of our basement.

After painting most of the house interior, our first big project was to build a wall (Kevin’s self-taught drywall adventure) and enclose an area into a bedroom so that guests could have a door.  A lockable, closable door to protect against 6 am visits from eager – and very loud – monkeys.  We re-carpeted the guest room and added a closet so that it could be counted as a bedroom.  It took a lot longer than that paragraph makes it sound.


We then turned the area between the new guest bedroom and the basement stairs into a craft area.  We repainted the bulky previously-built-in storage unit, added cork floors, put in recessed lights, painted the walls and  alder trim.


We were very happy with how it looked.  But then, it started looking like this more often than not:


The craft cabinet, even repainted, was still a big, bulky eyesore that seemed to consume crap rather than store it.  Can’t find your contact case?  try the craft cabinet. Socks? have you looked in the craft cabinet?  Middle child? craft cabinet.  This was, of course, entirely the fault of the storage unit.  So, I purged a bunch of stuff, organized it to fit into a smaller piece of furniture.


Is it just me?  Or does the desire to beautify seem never-ending once you start? With the pretty glass doors, I hated all the plastic.  I’d like to say I used some scrapbooking paper and repurposed cereal boxes to end up with a beautiful, handcrafted storage solution for $2.50- but I didn’t.  I went for the fast and easy immediate gratification trip to Michaels.


Ahhh, much better.

We picked up a wooden Ikea table and chair set for $80 which works well since we don’t have to be worried about the kids destroying it. It’s probably more fun to color without someone hanging over you threatening to throttle you if you go off the page. Talk about PTSD.

End result:


3 responses to “crafty like ice is cold

    • That moment may have been the only time it was clean. I’m considering hanging pictures of clean rooms by their doors…either as proof that its not always a mess or to show how it should look?

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