togas would be cool

The other morning, I had a loud ride to school with the lil schizophrenics who wanted to watch baby Einstein. They cried like they’d never know happiness ever again as I fumbled with the baby Einstein DVD. I know right? Report me to the authorities.

Once they caught on that they were getting what they wanted, they broke into wild, cackling laughter – faces freshly wet with tears. Still, despite this Jekyll and Hyde-ing, I proudly got everyone where they needed to go. On time even. I was happily patting myself on the back.

Then, I saw the sign: lunch bunch! Seth’s forgotten lunch wasn’t made, I didn’t even know it needed to exist. Excellent. It’s always something.

In Greek mythology, there are a variety of gods and demigods. I always thought that it was pretty cool and the specialization of labor seemed much more efficient. I’d like it if there was a god of not-forgetting-shit and his goddess sister of get-it-together-already. If praying to them helped me not look like a jackass on a daily basis, I’d consider it. Although that would require remembering.

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