better than pig barf

Today was a breakfast-for-dinner type of day.  Between cleaning up a mess and then dealing with the subsequent mess that happened while I was cleaning the first mess, I had no real desire to follow through with my dinner plan. Especially since I didn’t really have one – more of just a vague idea involving chicken.

The main downside to scrambling eggs at 7 pm? It makes a martini seem really inappropriate. I should get over that because the kids LOVE it (breakfast, not the martini). I’m pretty sure they would eat cereal, bagels, eggs, or pancakes for every meal. Recently, I’ve been finding feral children on the floor in the pantry, eating cheerios from the box. I’m glad that they can scavenge and that they are largely avoiding the trash can these days. They’ll do pretty well in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Spaghetti was the main go-to dinner in our family growing up.  My husband says that he was once served pasta with ketchup – his siblings still refer to this combination as “pig barf.”  He also does this horrible, involuntary puke gesture anytime the words “fish sticks” are mentioned.  It’s a great party trick.

What is the eyeroll-inducing, standard or most-reviled meal in your house?

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