begone fancy fleece

Last week, I went into the closet and pulled out the best outfit I could put together. It involved mom jeans from Costco, a cardigan that was part of a pajama set, and an old black tee shirt with holes. Granted, the holes were hidden – I do have SOME standards.

As I went about my errands, I hit a breaking point in the Egg & I parking lot. It seemed as good a spot as any to call Nordstrom and arrange a self-imposed intervention with a personal stylist. I’d been thinking about it for a few years. They could hear the panic and were able to see me immediately. They kept me on the phone and talked me through the drive to the mall. I was being rescued.

Normally, when I shop, I roam stores overwhelmed at the selection. I buy black. I grab stuff from sales racks. I get frustrated. I hate it and I never end up with what I want.

The personal stylist, Betsy, made it so very easy. She pulled together clothes that made it look like I dressed on purpose, not because of a fire. I don’t know if people who can do this understand what a skill it is. It was all unicorns, kittens and rainbows.

Based on my current state, she believed me when I told her my wardrobe consisted of 7 fleece jackets, 1 vest and a couple of pairs of ill-fitting corduroys and jeans. I later dug out a few other skirts and shirts, but they were a motley crew of mini time capsules. I’m sure you have those – the skirt that you got to go with the jacket with shoulder pads? That shirt that you needed after the baby to hide the still-pregnant looking belly? They were those clothes.

I had a small seizure and sputtered like a sprinkler as she was pulling out items that I would never in a bazillion years ever pick out – some involved both print and color.

Here’s what she put together for me:

  • Leather Jacket. I feel like angels should sing when I wear this. It was the single most expensive purchase and worth every penny. I’m calling it caramel. It might be called camel. I don’t care.
  • Denim Jacket.
  • Various reasonably priced short sleeve shirts (I think there were 7?).
  • 3 skirts: black, gray, and good-God is it called fushia?
  • 3 belts: caramel, black, and some multi-color beaded thing with a wooden buckle.
  • 3 shoes: Caramel-colored heels, black peep-toe flats, and some knee high gray/brown boots that I probably didn’t need.
  • 2 cardigans: black and navy.
  • 2 trendy-ish long sleeve shirts – they involve shoulder zippers and what looks like household hardware. Is that a trend?
  • 2 pairs of jeans: bootcut and straight leg. Apparently, there are different levels of designer jeans. I heard a lot about Joes, Paige, and Sevens. I have no idea what that is all about; they must be woven with gold and sprinkled with fairy dust to cost that much. Stylish people are on crack.
  • 2 scarves.

My new besty Betsy wouldn’t let me buy multiples of things I liked – not even in other colors. That was difficult. She nixed a couple of hideous shirts and gave honest opinions about what was not working. She showed me how I could get a lot of outfits by mixing the pieces. She said that almost any item could go with anything else (even the bright teal shirt could go with the purple skirt – she talked about color blocking?). She totally fool-proofed my wardrobe. I’m tempted to photograph every possible combination to see how many I can come up with…but, I’ll spare you that for now. I’m sure if I counted up everything I* could use a simple formula to calculate the number of possible outfits. (*Kevin)

Oh, and did you know that they have NAMES for the WAYS you can TIE SCARVES? Is this just common knowledge? Because *head exploding* I had NO idea. That’s not saying I remember all the names…but, seriously, who knew? The middle 2 pictures show “The Pretzel.” I suppose it’s more grown-up than a beer festival pretzel necklace – not as much fun though.

4 responses to “begone fancy fleece

  1. Wow…i SO need to do this. Most of my wardrobe is a decade old, and it is soooo so sad. It is bad I didn’t even know that personal shoppers actually existed??

    Also, a blog friend sent me an outfit for my 1yo, WITH tags on it, and the jeans were Joe’s Jeans. I had never heard of them, but my fashionista sis-n-law was blown away. Who knew?

    • I totally recommend it! It was easy and took less than 2 hours. It is a FREE service. You could totally go and have them help you build a whole wardrobe and NOT buy it all. I considered just getting a couple of things and then going back and adding items that made sense but I seriously had nothing in my closet. And even the fancy fleece was showing a lot of wear! If you come to Denver to shop, I can hook you up with a stylist 🙂

    • Totally do it! I looked into a personal shopper – she wanted $500 to do the same thing!! That’s crazy. Of course, you end up with a larger selection instead of just Nordstrom, but I need more choices like I need a hole in the head.

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