Cat ownership days 3 + 4

So, in other news, we got a cat. Check him out, isn’t he cute?

Days 3 and 4 of cat ownership were rough. No one could find the cat and we were sure he’d run off. It would be a huge understatement to say that Emma was heartbroken. She spent an entire day crying – big sobs alternated with wails of “nothing matters/how can you smile/what if we never see him again?” It was sad. We created fliers and went driving around the neighborhood in search of him. By the next morning, we hadn’t seen him for 36 hours and were losing hope. No ransom note. No leads. No luck trying to track him (I *may have* pretended to be Daryl on Walking Dead…sans crossbow).

I was settling in to go back to sleep around 9 am when I heard meowing. (Don’t look at me like that! I can nap at 9am if I want to! Gimme a break! I was tired – there had been inexperienced puking and 3 am laundry and carpet cleaning! Geeesh! Some people! Sighhhhhh.) Anyway, I ran to the back door: no cat in sight. I checked all the doors: nothing. Dissappointed, I trudged up to bed, stretched and closed my eyes only to hear more Edgar Allen Poe-ish meowing. We found Stewey standing in the middle of Rachel’s room. I have no idea if he just decided to hide or if our toddler is honing her torture and interrogation skills – secret midnight cat water boarding sounds about right.

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