Bob, Afro, and Pinkie.

The kids have already picked names for 3 chickens. I don’t know what it is about playing with the bees that makes me feel like we need chickens. It could have something to do with our huge backyard that is just begging for a coop.

This seems like a FANTASTIC idea:

However, Kevin would just ask why these people who HAD chickens didn’t WANT chickens.

Sigh, DEEP DOWN everyone wants chickens. Even Kevin.

4 responses to “Bob, Afro, and Pinkie.

    • I’m not sure I’ve talked my husband into it, but I’m approaching the point where he’s tired enough of hearing me talk about it to just say “fine – whatever” – but, ugh, it I hit snags I’ll get a lifetime of “I told you so” 🙂

  1. Could be their dog really liked to eat chickens. We had a neighbor that had to give up their coop because of that. True story.

    Chickens are AWESOME.

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