the lure of modern plastic chicken coops
I’ve said it before, and I feel it to be true deep down in my bones: EVERYONE* WANTS CHICKENS.

How else can you explain so many awesome coop designs? However, I have to say that this plastic creation seems wrong on so many levels. Instead of natural wood, I’d house chickens in this injection-molded, plastic Eglu that would take 4 years** to recoup the cost of buying and 7 billion years to decompose? Yes, yes I would. And not just because I think the company name “Omlet” is cute (but really, it is adorable).

The appeal is:

1) it looks better than any chicken shack I’d build.
2) if Kevin agreed to build something, it would be so awesome I’d feel guilty putting chickens in it.
3) it seems easy to clean, rot-proof, and probably coyote proof.
4) it is something I could move to the neighbor’s yard – with their permission, of course.
5) it will retain its value if I decide I to get rid of it in a month/year/decade. *BAM!*

I haven’t ordered this coop. For now, I’m mainly content with reading my Modern Farmer and Chickens magazines. I’m still open to any and all suggestions – including offers of free Eglus***.

See more bee, chicken and remodeling stuff on Pinterest.

*Kevin, his cousin Jordan and Jordan’s wife Carol say that they really DON’T want chickens. But, I think they actually might want chickens.

**I can’t guarantee complete accuracy of that math. Assuming a cost of $2.50 per dozen of organic eggs, with a combined production of a dozen eggs a week, that would be 200 weeks to cover the $500 plastic coop. So, 4 years-ish. That doesn’t factor in cost of feed, chickens, cute baskets to collect eggs, ribbons to put in the girls’ hair so that they have swinging braids as they skip across the yard to retrieve eggs, egg cartons, etc.

***Sometimes, I think I embody what’s wrong with America. But, only sometimes. Mostly, I think I’m awesome.

2 responses to “EVERYONE wants CHICKENS!

  1. You don’t make your money back on backyard chickens. You do however, have a whole new source of entertainment. You will also find that those free range organic eggs (where the hell do you find them for $2.50 anyway? They are at least a dollar a dozen more here!) are not nearly as good as the ones you pluck out of your back yard, thereby sucking you into a lifetime of chickens.
    It’s already happened to me. I forgot to bring eggs on vacation, got a dozen of overpriced organic eggs at the store and when I ate them, found them disgusting. So watery. Blech.
    Our chicken coop in a neighbor’s yard looks like an Asian back alley slum. I’m not kidding. Anything you can do to improve that would not be an eyesore.

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