annnnd we’re back!

For most of our home projects, once started, we are all about getting it done. Not this time. Six months ago we bought some boxes of flooring for an office renovation that have since been sitting in our dining room ( DIY serving table ). I’ve even decorated them with frames. Oh, sweet baby Jesus. Look how sad that is.

Last night, we finally finished clearing out all the crap. We’ve gone from this:

To this:

I wish I could say we sorted and got rid of most of it. But, nuh-uh, now it’s in the basement:

Some projects go quickly, but this has had a slow start, and yeah – with a 4 or 5 month lull in progress – I guess that’s kind of an understatement. The amount of crap in the office was overwhelming. Dealing with it made me hyper-aware of just how settled we are. No more quickly loading up our things into a truck and heading out of town. No taking off on a whim or cutting down to the bare minimum. No moving to a house boat. We are living in the house we plan to stay in for the next 30+ years – and for a former army brat, whose “normal” involves moving every 4 years, that feels both wonderful and horrifying.

Moving, or even the specter of moving, forces you to evaluate possessions. Being somewhat nomadic colors everything with a different perspective. Have you ever evaluated a new purchase – like a dining room table – not on it’s size, style or how it fits in a room, but on how you’d move it? No poster beds. No big, towering bookcases. As a child, my bookcases were simple planks of wood between stacked cement blocks. Cheap. Disposable. Functional.

I’m afraid that staying put and “putting down roots” means pack-rat-ish-ness will take over. I’m constantly losing the battle against the incoming tide of art projects, knicknaks, paddywhacks, and 1800-roll-packages of toilet paper from Costco. Hoarders, here I come!

Aside from the tedium of stuff-clearing, the project stopped because limbo became the norm. I was used to seeing boxes. Used to not having an office. Used to not working on anything. It’s funny how quickly you get used to something. And by funny I mean: holy crap, those boxes have been on the floor in our dining room for over 6 months. And I *decorated* them. If they are still there by Christmas, watch out!

Next step: demo the built-ins. Because too much storage —> too much stuff —> too much mess. We learned that in the craft room ( crafty like ice is cold ).

Anyone else feel like they are constantly fighting a flash flood of “stuff” accumulation? Yes, I realize that this is the definition of “first-world problem” – but still, I’m trying to take photos of art and scan papers I want to keep, but every time I turn around, there’s more junk tucked away somewhere. Any tips?

2 responses to “annnnd we’re back!

  1. We’ve been here 14 years. Totally drowning in crap. Packing up the dining room project that we put off for 14 years this summer was hell. I am never moving. And should we move, I am paying someone else to pack up every last bit of this crap.

    • 14 years? I can’t imagine! The longest Kevin and I have lived any one location was 4 years. We’ve only been in this house 2.5 years and I swear, I’m going to have maze-like paths if we keep going at this rate.

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