office looks like an orifice

I offered to host the kindergarten parents-only party in 10 days. The problem? I’m socially awkward and not big on throwing parties. The other problem? Our office looks bombed-out-Beriut-ish:


I just met someone who I can only describe as my smarter, savvier, style doppelgänger. She totally sees the casual-rustic-industrial-modern-southwest-mexican-transitional-eclectic thing we’ve got going on. Or she is just a good liar. Either way, it’s nice to have help.

The current plan is to make the office more of a den. Two swivel chairs, a TV, some sort of table, and a desk all need to fit in the approx 10×13 space that is broken up by inward-swinging French doors and a large window.

I hope it will be easier to envision once I clear the rubble.

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