chickens = standard 10th anniversary present

Despite insisting that he does NOT want chickens, Kevin is constructing a chicken coop from the built-in shelving we tore out of the office. That means he wants chickens.

You can imagine my delight and surprise at his change of heart!
Are “chicken coop”or “chickens” the standard 10th wedding anniversary present?

Edited to add: 10th Anniversary Traditional Gift: Tin or aluminum. That could be a good roof.

Now that it’s framed in, we need materials for walls, nesting boxes, and a roof. Ideally, we’d spend $0.

We are trying to keep it light-weight so we can move it easily, but it needs to be well-insulated for those cold winter days. Anyone have any material suggestions or, if you are near Denver, items to donate?

We were thinking ikea would have something we could use as nesting boxes – not $0 but still pretty cheap. (chicks say cheep! cheep!)

Off to scavenge items from the kid’s rooms.

3 responses to “chickens = standard 10th anniversary present

  1. My husband didn’t want chickens either, but he spent a couple of weeks building the perfect coop. He is the one that buys the food and hay, and most evenings you will find him in their run hand feeding them! It’s funny how they tend to grow on ya ;-). We found an old wooden drawer that fit perfectly in the coop. My husband put in a simple partition, filled it with hay and viola! a nesting box. The girls love it and it didn’t cost a dime. Gotta love free! Good luck on your search :).

    • I’m hearing more people say that they didn’t create a
      “perfect” nesting box (and Becky didn’t include a nesting box at all) – so, I’m looking at what we have around here that would work. We are dealing with a lot of rain in Colorado – umm, that might be a huge understatement – so we haven’t had much of a chance to work on the coop.

      Thanks so much for commenting – it’s great to hear your husband has more than warmed up to the chickens! I hope the same happens here – but it seems chances are slim 🙂

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