It was the Babysitter. In the Kitchen. With the Gluten.

You know how you go to see a horse show with 2/3rds of your children and leave one at home with the babysitter who then makes chocolate chip cookies and leaves them on your counter?

Yeah, not gluten-free.  Matter of fact, I think they even say “extra gluten!”  

It’s an adjustment trying to get everyone on board.  And it takes work.   I still have a lot to do even though it feels exhausting after 2 days of cooking — they all need to eat again…and again…and again.

Also, the butter noodles we used to have her feed the kids?  The quick trips to Chic-fil-A?  I need to figure out a replacement for that and not be lazy and leave the house shouting “feed them anything you can find!”

I also forgot to pack them lunches for school today. 

So, gluten free.  We lasted…3 days. 

Back at it. But, man, lots can happen when you aren’t looking.


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