Why buy the cow when you get the milk for $3.50?

Did you know the average dairy cow weighs 1200 lbs and puts out about 8 gallons of milk a day? Annnnd, you have to keep breeding the poor milkbeast. Once the cow has had a calf, you milk the cow every 12 hours for about 10 months and then get her all knocked up again. The info I was reading assumed I was lucky enough to have access to a neighbor with a bull. Alas. I’d have to search for semen. Does it come mail order? And then I’d have to impregnate the cow. Let’s all pause and think about the steps involved in that for a minute. 

When you think about what is required to get milk from a cow, you see them as victimized creatures being pimped out by dairy farmers. Or maybe they are just big, big sluts. Either way, trying to figure out the logistics of owning even one family dairy cow has cured me of any desire for dairy. (well, other than the half and half currently floating around in my coffee)  

This about sums up the odd Internet sinkhole where I lost at least an hour after wondering why more of these chicken keeping people don’t also keep a cow.

In other news, I’m trying these Grassfed Wagyu Burgers tonight.

3 responses to “Why buy the cow when you get the milk for $3.50?

  1. I am a chicken lover with milk cows. You’ve never tasted milk until you’ve had it straight out of the teat! I’ve always had fresh milk.. And when I tried supermarket milk… Bleck

    • I envy you! I’m so clueless about the whole process. I never even really thought about milk cows needing to have a calf in order to lactate? I would love a post on how you think a dairy cow might work in a more suburban setting!! I mean – even just theoretically, it would be fascinating!

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