The real reason starting a paleo diet is expensive


In our house, it’s not the cost of the grassfed meat or organic produce that break the budget (although ouch!), it’s the wasted food, time, and energy. Here’s how:

1. New stuff no one likes.

I’m trying to buy products that make it easier but no one likes them. Prime example: Apple Chips. They seemed like such a good idea. Same with the purple cauliflower “mashed potatoes.”

2. Rot.

Trying to avoid the daily grocery shopping, I buy so much produce that it’s hard to use it all. It’s embarrassing.

3. Meal fail. Double effort, double meals.

I stray from the oft-requested butter noodles and make new dishes that no one likes. Recently, I made pork tacos that were unanimously rejected and guiltily followed by traditional beef tacos. That’s a lot of effort for freakin’ tacos. Le Sigh.

4. Good intentions, poor follow through.

This should be my nickname, although it’s kind of wordy. Let’s say I optimistically make a plan for 3 dinners and shop for them. Lazy hits and I only make 2 dishes. That weird 2.99 jicama I bought? Not getting used.

I’m assuming that these are growing pains and we will get better. If I’m wrong, don’t tell me.;

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